Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

For someone who has lived in Oklahoma all my life, I was surprised to hear that there was a museum as unique as the Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve. Located in Bartlesville OK, not only do they have a museum, but a wildlife preserve that is home to more than 30 different types of birds and animals. Some of the animals include: buffalo, ostriches, llamas, and pigmy goats.

After driving past the two miles of enclosures, visitors are finally able to see the museum. In front stands a statue of “The Cowboy,” and also a statue of a man kneeling down next to his horse, labeled “Thanks for the Rain.” Once the visitor begins walking to the front entrance, they see a beautiful vision of Native Americans dancing along with pictures of horses, buffalo, and other animals.

As soon as you’re inside, your breath is instantly taken away with the beauty and uniqueness of what is inside. The Woolaroc Museum holds Western artifacts, Native American belongings, and even an impressive collection of firearms. In regards to the Native American artifacts, the museum contains paintings, different types of baskets and pottery, blankets, peace medals, and other pieces to show as much as possible of how Native Americans lived so long ago. How the museum’s Curators and the Director displayed such artifacts creates an easy transition from room to room and is guaranteed to blow anyone away that steps foot inside. The Director and staff were more than welcoming and answered any questions that we had. It was an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to go experience it for themselves!

Beautiful deer up close and personal.
A few Ostriches on the way to the Museum.


An Aoudad (Barbary sheep)


Navajo Fire Dance by W.R. Leigh, 1943




Native American weapons




MSM students Emily Moore and Molly McVey taking a behind the scenes look into Woolaroc’s collections!
The Cowboy
One of the many intricate weapons in the Museum.