Travertine Nature Center, Review



On Saturday, I visited the Travertine Nature Center in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. The park features an exhibit of animals of the area, such as live reptiles, amphibians, foxes, information about forest and prairie ecosystems, and the many water resources throughout the area. The Center’s auditorium presents a video of the history of the park, along with ranger-led programs that include day or night time hikes and a variety of talks associated with the park.

The building itself is architecturally unique. It was built in 1969 during the National Park Service environmental education initiatives and is modeled after the style of architect Frank Lloyd Wright which offers a forested view of the surrounding area outside. The Travertine Nature Center was an inspiring experience that I look forward to visiting again and discover even more about the wonders of nature!

Museum Science and Management student Brooke Dillon