The Oklahoma Aquarium - Graduate School

The Oklahoma Aquarium

When most people think of museums, one rarely imagines an Aquarium being on that list, but it’s true! Recently, the Museum Science and Management (MSM) students were given a private tour of the Oklahoma Aquarium in the town of Jenks. Opened in 2003, they have fish that can camouflage themselves, an amazing variety of sea habitats, and even bull sharks that you can experience while walking through a tunnel below their tank! We were able to see what happens behind-the-scenes, allowing our minds to ponder what really goes into displaying sea life in ways that could interest the public. More importantly, we were asked how does the museum staff display them in ways that visitors can view them– while also making sure the well-being of the sea creatures are always kept as the top priority? Much more goes into it than what is shown by the Aquarium staff, yet they do an excellent job everyday with a cheerful smile on their faces.

The MSM students appreciate our private tour, especially giving us the ability to see bull sharks up close! The Oklahoma Aquarium is must see location, a place where both adults and children can enjoy learning more about our oceans and sea life.


MSM students in the kitchen

MSM students behind the scenes
Sea turtle
MSM students taking pictures of their up-close encounter of the Bull Sharks.
Bull Sharks from the top of their tank
MSM students asking questions after seeing the Bull sharks from above their tank