Expanding speech-path treatment options - Graduate School

Expanding speech-path treatment options

Kati Boshers is a speech-language pathology master’s student in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is studying the different treatment strategies for childhood apraxia of speech, focusing on preschool-age children and how speech-language pathologists play a role in diagnosis and treatment.

“This area excites me because as time goes on there are more diagnoses of childhood apraxia of speech. The more in-depth each treatment option is researched the better the treatment options we can provide are,” Boshers said.

“I chose TU because I love the city of Tulsa and I knew that TU would provide me with amazing educational opportunities,” Boshers said she particularly likes the small class sizes, allowing for small student-to-professor ratios. “The professors are able to take the time to get to know each of their students,” she said. “My favorite memories from TU will be working closely with my classmates throughout the course of our graduate studies.”

Boshers plans to stay in Tulsa after she graduates in May 2019, and she hopes to find a job working with the pediatric population. “I want to help children find their voice,” she said.