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Special Topic Symposia

Planning Symposia for Inclusion in TU Student Research Colloquium

If you are interested in a special topic session at this year’s colloquium, you can organize a separate symposia. The main benefits are:

  • Format does not have to follow colloquium session guidelines, unless you would like the presentations judged for colloquium awards
  • Presenters and organizers have more flexibility on how their presentations are formatted for their audience (can be more discipline specific than normal colloquium presentations)
  • More easily advertise your work and that of your colleagues to the campus

To be considered as a possible special topic symposia, please submit the following information:

  • Completed Symposia Submission Form.
  • Attach a 250- to 500-word descriptive paragraph/abstract of the symposium’s theme, title, list of possible participants and organizing chair’s contact info by the submission deadline to research-colloquium@utulsa.edu.
  • Note preferred dates and times during Colloquium week for the symposia.
  • Have individual participants register on the colloquium website by the submission deadline with their abstracts and presentation titles: Research Colloquium Form.
  • To be considered a secured event, the symposium must be at least 90 minutes in length and cannot consist of only one presentation. Presentation lengths are up to the organizing chair as long as they meet the minimum overall time requirement and may even span several days if necessary.

If you want your presenters to be judged for colloquium awards, they must follow the standard format (15-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers). For symposia that wanted to be judged, a minimum of four presenters is required to meet the 90-minute requirement.

These guidelines are only to help facilitate organizing symposia attached to the TU Student Research Colloquium. Decisions concerning the topic, length and number of presentations, as well as communication with the presenters, are the responsibility of the organizing symposium chair.


Please contact research-colloquium@utulsa.edu with questions.