Community Services Symposium

Sponsored by the TU Student Research Colloquium & Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge

“Citizenship & Service in A Changing World”


“Citizenship and Service in a Changing World” is concerned with providing a forum for TU students to discuss and promote community service projects they have been involved in within the past 12 months. This symposium offers the opportunity for students to gain public speaking experience while promoting their preferred community service organizations or projects to a larger audience.


Best Presentation = $250


  • Participants must be current students at The University of Tulsa as of the spring 2016 semester. (All undergraduate, graduate, law and non-degree seeking students are eligible to participate.)
  • Submissions must discuss a community service project that the student has been involved in within the past 12 months.
  • Eligible community service projects may address any service provided for the benefit of a community (does not have to be related to Tulsa), group or individual. Submissions may also address projects that a student has created independently and does not have to involve pre-existing community service organizations or foundations.
  • Group presentations are welcome.

Requirements for Presenters:

Complete the online submission form by clicking Research Colloquium Form.

Format requirements for abstract:

  • Maximum of 250 words for submitted abstracts.
  • Abstract must summarize the nature of the represented community service project and the extent of the student’s involvement in it.
  • Major points to include:
    1. Goals and overall impact of the project on community or intended recipient
    2. Unusual aspects of the project or method of providing represented service
    3. Level of commitment demonstrated by student in terms of time and resources
    4. Challenges or inconveniences overcome during completion of project
    5. Quality of learning experience and its overall impact on the student
  • Deliver a 20-minute oral presentation of your project at the symposium, leaving 3-5 minutes for questions and answers.

Judges Criteria:

Presentations will be evaluated under three categories:

  • Quality of Presentation
  • Student Commitment & Learning Experience
  • Service Project Impact & Significance

Judges will be considering a variety of issues relating to the impact the represented project has had on the community and/or intended recipient, the degree of commitment from the student and the project’s impact on the student’s perspective/life, as well as how effectively the student discussed their involvement with the project in the presentation and submitted personal statement.

For a copy of the judging criteria, check back in February.