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Sponsored by the annual TU Student Research Colloquium



Presentations may contain original research or scholarship that you may be conducting, work that you already submitted for a classroom project during the previous fall semester or work in progress for the spring semester. Some students also use the colloquium as an opportunity to present research proposals or scholarship for which they are contemplating an in-depth study. Research does not have to be experimentally based.

Humanities, business, engineering, legal, physical sciences, and social science topics are welcome.

This portion will be held in conjunction with OU-Tulsa’s Annual Student Research Day on April 3, 2019 at the Schusterman Campus at 41st and Yale. Poster submissions are due by Friday, February 8.

To submit a poster entry, visit the TU Research Colloquium Submission Form.

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Poster submissions must ALSO complete the OU-Tulsa Submission Form.

OU Submission Form


Best TU Poster Presentation = $100

Poster Guidelines:

  • The entire poster should consist of a printed page of no larger than 4′ tall (vertical) and 4′ wide.
  • The poster should be printed on appropriate quality paper to allow it to be displayed on a wall or bulletin board.
  • The poster must be oriented in the “landscape” position (long dimension is horizontal).
  • The poster should include an abstract, introduction, background, methodology, results and/or conclusions.


Volunteer TU & OU-Tulsa students, faculty and administrators from a variety of academic disciplines.
Judging will be based upon the academic merits/quality of the poster and the accompanying presentation—students must be available to answer judges’ questions during competition.
Judging criteria to be forwarded following receipt of submission.

Requirements for Presenters:

Abstract and Poster Formats: 250-word abstract, not including title, authors, etc.

  1. Introduction
  2. Simple Statement of Methods
  3. Summary of Results
  4. Statement of Conclusions

Poster Size Specifications:

No larger than 4′ tall (vertical) and 4′ wide, unless the poster is also being presented at a regional or national meeting with other size restrictions.
Please contact Dr. Kent Teague for discuss exceptions.
Compliance with OU and TU emblem policies are required. If you need a copy of the current TU emblem, email


Contact the Research Colloquium Committee at