Perot Museum of Nature and Science, A Review






I recently visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas. The Perot consists of four and a half floors of interactive science fun!

One notable exhibit is the VR experience that allows visitors to virtually explore an archaeological site. Each floor has a different subject including plant science, human life science, geology, paleontology, ornithology, engineering and robotics, cosmology, and environmental science. There is something to fascinate people of all ages as they explore the exhibits.

The most awe-inspiring of the floors has to be the hall of fossils and bones. They have skeletons of creatures that once existed in the area of Texas as well as skeletons of creatures from around North America. There is even an ancient sea turtle ancestor the size of a small car hanging from the ceiling!

In addition to the museum’s impressive collection, their focus on environmental stewardship is also notable. They have signs pointing out their efforts to reduce waste and improve environmental conditions around the museum. The café in particular is extremely sustainable in its use of recyclable and compostable materials, as well as sustainably sourced food products.

If you travel to the Dallas area, I highly recommend the Perot Museum. If you have a membership to another science museum around the country, such as the Discovery Lab in Tulsa, you may even be able to get in for free with their partner museum program!

Museum Science and Management student Angie Williams