Patrick Dougherty, “Engaging Design: Creating Urban Identity”

Known for his ‘stickwork’ sculptures, people of Tulsa and the surrounding areas were very excited to hear that Patrick Dougherty would be making a sculpture downtown at the Centennial Green this past month. Dougherty is an artist that takes his building and design skills to an entire new level, using techniques for construction that have long been out of use. Inspired by his love of nature, he only uses saplings from the specific area in which his constructions are installed, making it entirely original. It has caught the attention of many inspired onlookers, as he has made well over 200 pieces since he started. He has a website that shows not only his background, but also some of the delightful pieces he has created, not one looking the same.

Engaging Design: Creating Urban Identity” is the title of his latest work in Tulsa. It fits perfectly within a downtown park, breaking up the normal view of office buildings. It captures the attention of people walking down the street, sparking conversation as to what Dougherty was thinking in the creation of the work. Some might think it represents one thing, while someone else might interpret it differently. That’s the beauty of the work, the onlooker creates their own meaning. In talking with the Tulsa World, Dougherty stated that, “They will be a little like the rocks that rise up out of a Zen garden. So out of this placid surface of the grass will come these objects that will swirl up.” The feeling of a Zen garden in his piece is most definitely felt by the visitor. Surrounded by buildings of stone and steel, his organic work creates a little natural getaway for people to escape into throughout the busy workweek. The ability to interact with the work and go through each of the structures allows the viewer to get up close and personal. It allows them to touch it, smell it, and be inspired.

To learn more about Patrick Dougherty and his work, take a look at his website at His work is located in a great location for individuals and families alike to come visit and experience.