Music at the Mansion: Tulsa Historical Society and Museum


Pianist Don Ryan


What draws you to a museum? Exhibits and artwork excite the visual senses, but is that it? The Tulsa Historical Society and Museum provides a new opportunity with Music at the Mansion, a monthly musical event that fills the museum with great performances, every third Thursday of the month. Through this event, the museum shares both history and music.

Last week, piano master, Don Ryan played a restored Steinway Grand once owned by a member of the Hyechka Club. Ryan’s renditions of Sophisticated Lady, by Duke Ellington and American Beauties, by Joseph Lamb were highlights but no less impressive than the rest of his performances. What is neat about this event is that the audience can sit and closely watch the musician perform. A delightful experience, especially if you have an interest of both history and music.

Are you looking for a treat on a third Thursday around 2:00 PM? Check out Music at the Mansion at the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum!

Museum Science and Management student Brooke Dillon