Museum Confidential Exhibit Review - Graduate School

Museum Confidential Exhibit Review

Museum Confidential is an exhibit housed at the Philbrook Museum of Art until May 7, 2018. It provides the visitor with a look at what Museum professionals see behind-the-scenes in preparing an exhibition and the stories that often accompany it. It also shows works of art and artifacts that have never been seen before, letting the guests have the privilege of experiencing it first. It has anything from beautiful scenes of waves crashing in the ocean, to unknown Japanese armor and even a platform of different types of lamps. Throughout the exhibit, there are also videos that the visitor can watch in order to gather even more information if they wished.

The exhibit also has an area where visitors are able to get involved. Called the “DIY Exhibition,” it asks the guest to pick a certain painting that goes best with a different set of paintings. The person then votes on the wall behind them, and every few weeks the winning painting is moved into the actual main set of works. The wall that people were supposed to cast their votes on was filled with an equal amount of different perspectives, most with people’s reasoning as to why they picked that certain one.

The exhibit also hosts a salon style wall filled with different subjects of art and pictures, catching the eye of guests almost the second they walk in. On the wall, it states how most museums are only able to display a certain percentage of their collection at one time, usually less than five percent. It then goes on to say how the paintings and pictures that are on the wall are some that have rarely been on display since the Museum has so many pieces. Labeled “The Other 95%,” they finally have a chance to be seen by the public for a substantial amount of time.

One of the other parts that caught the visitor’s eye is the subtle, yet interesting picture labeled “A Bearded Man.” The small painting is set delicately on the wall with its label almost as big as the actual work. Painted in 1485, the passage states how this man had a substantial amount of facial hair, yet this time in history it was common for men to be clean-shaved. The mystery that the painting poses is, “Who is he?” Located close to the painting has four different cards the visitor can open up and dive into what information the Museum has about this mysterious man.

This exhibit was an interesting way to showcase what many people would never expect to see behind-the-scenes. It had an array of different paintings and artifacts that could interest anyone who came in—giving a wonderful and insightful experience!

Salon style wall
A platform of different types of lamps.
DIY Exhibition
Voting wall for the DIY Exhibition
MSM student Lacey Faulkner learning more about “A Bearded Man.”