Meet Rachel Johnson and Brooke Dillon

As the new semester rolls in, I want our followers to become familiar with the faces behind the Museum Science and Management Masters Program (MSM) at The University of Tulsa. Both Rachel Johnson and Brooke Dillon are new to the program and have already adapted well to the different expectations set forth by their professors. Plus, they always have a wonderful smile on their faces! They bring different perspectives to every conversation and are truly a joy to be around.


Rachel Johnson


What made you want to be in the Museum Science and Management program at the University of Tulsa?

I am currently working in the museum field, but I want to expand my knowledge of museum operations to be able to perform more efficiently in my current role and learn more about areas of the museum that I am not directly exposed to. I look forward to learning more about areas such as collections, curatorial, and fiscal management so that I can have a firm foundation on overall museum operations.

You work at the Gilcrease while going to school, has that influenced your decision to choose TU?

Absolutely, I completed my undergraduate degree at TU as well and their partnership with Gilcrease was one of the major factors in choosing TU. Now that I work at Gilcrease, it was a natural decision to continue my studies at TU to take advantage of the special partnership.

What are you most excited about in the program?

I am most excited about learning from established museum professionals and working with my peers.

What makes you the perfect fit for the MSM program? Do you believe that working at the Gilcrease gave you a bit of insight or upper hand within the program?

I think this is the perfect time for me to start a graduate program. My museum work experience has certainly solidified my interest in the MSM program and a continued career in the museum field. I do think that my work experience at Gilcrease has given me a solid introduction to museum operations, but I also know that there is still a lot to learn in the program.

What are your goals upon graduating?

I hope to be prepared for advancement within Development and Fundraising or a role that is more operational. I also hope to grow into a managerial role eventually.

What is your dream job?

My dream job in a museum would be a position that is involved in a variety of efforts, departments, staff, and programs. I like to work on different types of projects and tasks and I also want to remain engaged with museum members and visitors.


My hobbies include cooking, exercising, being outside and hiking, playing with my dog and enjoying time with my friends and family.

What is your favorite part about Tulsa?

I think it is evolving culturally and I believe it is accessible for a lot of different people. It has the happenings of a big city, but also has the charm and atmosphere of a smaller city. There is a great food and art scene.

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years city-wise?

I think I’ll still be in Tulsa in five years, but who knows in six!

Any other information you wish people to know about you?

I am really passionate about people and I think that’s partially what drew me to the museum field. You encounter different people every week in the museum. I really love Tulsa and am I am very invested in the growth that is happening in our city right now.



Brooke Dillon


Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Dallas Texas, but I moved to Missouri when I was 17, where I finished high-school. Then went to Murray State University in Murray KY to receive my B.S.

What made you interested in the Museum Science and Management (MSM) program at the University of Tulsa?

I knew I wanted to work in a museum, and I saw that Tulsa would not only teach me about museums, but would also teach me how to properly teach me how a museum works, and I believed that this program could also be eye opening to different paths one can take down the road of museums.

What are you most excited about within the MSM program?

I am excited to learn all I can that happens in the museum. From the most stressing part about the program to the most exhilarating. I am also excited that this program also wants you to take an internship as part of the learning experience. I feel that this will bring me even closer to understanding what I really want in the MSM program.

What makes you a good fit for the program?

I feel that I can not only learn from my professor, but also learn with the fellow students in this program. I also love the variety of different perspectives one can have in this program, which makes everyone who loves art, history, and learning something new every day a good fit.

What are your goals upon graduating?

My goals are to apply to a Museum that will show me continuous adventures.

What is your dream job in the museum industry?

To work as a Curator in areas that interest me.

What do you like about Tulsa so far?

I like the pride and care that people have for their city. I love seeing the different fountains, art, and nature one can see around the city.

Where do you hope to be in five years, city-wise?

I hope to be working in the area of my degree in a museum that best suits me, and I hope to be seeing most of the world.


I love to paint, read, hike, kayak, learn different instruments when I can, learn any new skills. I love working with my hands, and doing activities that drive you to new areas of interest.

Any other information you wish people to know about you?

I want others to know that any dream that one has can come true. You just have to fight for it, think about it, work for it, you have to put aside what others say, and you have to want it.