Meet MSM Student Josie Sorelle


Museum Science and Management student Josie Sorelle


Why did you choose the Museum Science and Management (MSM) Program?

I chose the Museum Science and Management program at the University of Tulsa because it allows the opportunity to practically use the skills learned in class through collaboration with the Gilcrease Museum and through internships. I also have family in and around Tulsa, which makes the location of the program very familiar and desirable to me. I developed an interest in museums at a young age, and wanted to be able to apply the skills I learned as an undergraduate in Anthropology, History, and Art History to a museum setting.


What is your focus within the program?

My focus within the program is on collections. I have an interest in caring for objects on a day-to-day and long-term basis, as well as in acquisition and accessioning, deaccessioning, and loan procedures. When I graduate from the Museum Science and Management program I plan to stay in the Tulsa area and work as either a registrar or collections manager. I would prefer to work in a larger institution as I have an interest in cross-cultural comparisons.


What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time around Tulsa I attend some of the operas and ballets available. I also attend the museums around town and view exhibitions of interest to me. I also enjoy going to local parks and walking trails.