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I-Witness Culture: Frank Buffalo Hyde, Review

I-Witness Culture: Frank Buffalo Hyde is a traveling exhibition on view at the Gilcrease Museum until May 10th, 2020. The exhibition focuses on recent works by artist Frank Buffalo Hyde. In his own words, Frank Buffalo Hyde describes many of the featured paintings and the inspiration behind them.

The primary focus of the exhibition is technology and how it changes our view of the world around us. In particular the dawning of selfie-culture, drawing connections between the old and the new and updating representations of Native American people to the 21st century.

The paintings are all unframed canvases that are laid out according to general themes. They feature references to historical events, pop culture, and the present day. They encourage the visitor to stop, think, and make connections between these three things. The museum also provides a “selfie-wall” where visitors can take their pictures to appear within a Frank Buffalo Hyde painting.

The paintings feature bright, bold colors and often whimsical humor and statements, making the exhibition colorful, beautiful, and thought-provoking.

Photography is allowed within this gallery.

Zombie Nation by Frank Buffalo Hyde,

2016, acrylic on canvas,

Courtesy of Tansey Contemporary