The First Friday Art Crawl, March

The first Friday of every month, the Tulsa Arts District hosts First Friday Art Crawl. This event allows people to get into local museums, galleries, and other types of studios at no cost. Their website states how, “This event has grown from 50–100 people visiting 4–6 venues to an event that has drawn over 3,000 people every month and continues to attract new people to Downtown Tulsa.” Galleries like the Philbrook Downtown, the Zarrow Center, 108 Contemporary and many more open their doors and offer refreshments in a relaxed setting. The live performances and open shops offer an inviting atmosphere for individuals and families, alike.

At last night’s Art Crawl, a few of the Museum Science and Management (MSM) students got together to tour the area and exchange thoughts and opinions on the different galleries. Not only were there different objects and paintings to observe, but also live art performances. While some pieces were easy to understand, others took a slightly longer moment to observe and try to comprehend what the artist was attempting to portray when making the piece. This was a perfect time for MSM students to bounce ideas off of each other and get multiple opinions on the work. This event can be tailored specifically for both individuals and families, and is most definitely recommended to anyone wishing to experience the Tulsa art scene.


MSM student Alex London observing a piece at 108 Contemporary
MSM students Brooke Dillon and Jenny Keller at the Philbrook Downtown
MSM student Molly McVey helping out at 108 Contemporary
A performance at Living Arts
Visitors also have the chance to watch the process of making hand blown glass at the Tulsa Glassblowing School.
MSM students Brooke Dillion and Amanda Vestal