Health Insurance Coverage - Graduate School

Health Insurance Coverage

Students who have a 20-hour per week teaching/research/administrative office assistantship, Woobank Assistantship, or full University fellowship (such as the Henneke Research Fellowship) and who are uninsured are eligible to receive the University Student Health Insurance that is provided by the University of Tulsa to the individual student.

This is a community benefit; therefore, students who already have health insurance that pays benefits in Oklahoma will not be reimbursed, nor may the student receive the equivalent cost of the insurance to apply to another policy with another company. To acquire the insurance, a student must complete the Graduate Assistant or Fellow Request for University Student Health Insurance form available at the Graduate School.

Please note, all students enrolled at the University of Tulsa are recommended to have health insurance coverage that provides benefits in the State of Oklahoma. All graduate assistants are enrolled in health insurance. Coverage provided as part of some graduate awards is meant to help more students meet the recommended coverage.

If you have questions about this benefit in regard to graduate awards, please contact Janet Bolois or 918-631-2339.

For more information regarding the general student health insurance policy on campus and the available plan options,visit the Alexander Health Center.