Evaluation of the Kravis Discovery Center by Education I Students

The Museum Science and Management students in the Museum Education I course have been working diligently on a project this past semester. As a part of the course, MSM students were to evaluate the recent updates to the Kravis Discovery Center at the Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, also known as the Gilcrease Museum. Students were evaluating the effectiveness of the pods and tablets, and how the public was interacting with them.

Students surveyed the Kravis Discovery Center from November 7th through November 19th. Overall, there were almost 200 surveys completed to try and get the most accurate data possible. What was analyzed included: effectiveness of the tablets, what guests thought about the Discovery Trail, where people stopped most, and their interest in the artifacts in the drawers. Every bit of this data was important and the students made sure to be meticulous in their data gathering and analysis.

MSM students gave their final presentation revealing the findings of the evaluation this past Monday. They were full of joy knowing that they had done an excellent job on a project they had been working on all semester.

Guests listening to Stephanie Williams, our statistical consultant, explain our data analysis.
From the left: MSM students Amanda Vestal, Angie Williams, Emily Caselman, and Hailey Helmerich.


From the left: Our statistical consultant Stephanie Williams, and MSM students Skylar Edwards, Lacey Faulkner, Brooke Dillon, Marjorie Bontemps, and Molly McVey.
Our MSM Education I class with Professor Joels, only person we are missing in the picture is Alex London!