Black Wall Street Gallery, Review - Graduate School

Black Wall Street Gallery, Review



“Welcome the New Black Wall Street Art Enterprise – Using the Arts as a Conciliation Series”

A newly formed non-profit art organization has embarked in the Tulsa Greenwood Historical (GH) district. Integrating the brand of Black Wall Street history, a former Langston professor has founded this organization which will house a theatre company, a visual arts agency, and an art gallery—it sounds like it will be a full art-house enterprise business in the district. Since the grand opening of the gallery on September 7th, they have introduced the new Black Wall Street (BWS) theatre production. From their Facebook feed, the production was well received by the audience.

The concept of integrating art gallery and theatre production and other forms of art creatives is not is a simple concept, but significant! Their mission is to have one white artist and one black artist featured in the gallery together each month as a practice to “bridge the gap in Tulsa.”  The theatre production is to tell folkloric stories of day-to-day lives of Black Tulsans. One can only anticipate with excitement to see the Greenwood District come to life again since the original BWS was established 97 years ago.

Greenwood is coming back to life again and with new black millennials taking charge and who knows, Black Wall Street could actually become the new Black Wall Street in the 21st century. Tulsa…can’t wait!

Museum Science and Management Student Marjorie Bontemps