Beneficial social media class for MSM students


Jeff Martin from the Philbrook Museum of Art speaking with Dr. Pickering and the social media class.


As the semester comes to an end for students at The University of Tulsa, so does the social media class that was taken by second year MSM students. In this experimental class, students have worked with social media specialists from local institutions and learned how to post on social media sites effectively, grabbing the attention of viewers and keeping them coming back. Keeping the interest of viewers is such an important topic nowadays, especially since people are constantly attached to their digital devices at all times.

Throughout the course, each student visited numerous exhibits, lectures, and institutions and written about their experiences for the MSM Facebook page and blog. Students gained experience in writing in various forms of social media and directing messages to targeted audience. They put into practice what the social media class had been teaching them! It gave them a chance to write for an audience, and make posts that would be interesting to anyone who came to the page.

As an experimental class for the MSM program, students gained valuable writing experience, and networked with media specialists in surrounding institutions!