English Language Requirements

English Language Requirements for International Students

  1. The minimum TOEFL and IELTS scores accepted by The University of Tulsa for international applicants are 80 on the internet-based test and 550 on the paper TOEFL exam, or 6.0 on the IELTS, for graduate programs in Engineering & Natural Sciences and 90 on the internet-based test and 575 on the paper TOEFL exam, or 6.5 on the IELTS, for graduate programs in Business and all other graduate programs. Individual graduate programs may have higher standards.
  2. An applicant who presents a TOEFL score between 70 and 80, or an IELTS score between 5.5 and 6.0, for programs in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and a TOEFL score between 80 and 90, or an IELTS score between 6.0 and 6.5, for all other programs, must take either ENGL 6033 “Writing for Graduate Students” and/or enroll in the English Institute for International Students (EIIS). Advanced students in EIIS may take up to three (3) credit hours of course work in his or her degree program while fulfilling this requirement. Additional enrollment in undergraduate prerequisites, or in EIIS, will be necessary in order to maintain full-time enrollment status. He or she must take the TOEFL and raise the score to the required minimal level before any future enrollment for graduate credit.
  3. Any student whose TOEFL score is below 70, or an IELTS score below 5.5, for the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and a TOEFL score below 80, or an IELTS score below 6.0, for all other programs, must enroll in the EIIS full-time until he or she achieves the required score on the TOEFL.
  4. TOEFL or IELTS scores must be received prior to arrival at The University of Tulsa, preferably with the student’s application form. The University of Tulsa will not accept institutional TOEFL scores to satisfy English proficiency requirements with the exception of its own institutional TOEFL. The only exception to this policy is for students who have applied to the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and who have complete Level 112 in the ELS Language Center.
  5. If the student has received his or her degree from a country in which English is the primary language, the TOEFL may be waived, upon petition, at the discretion of the Graduate Dean.

Please note the following departmental exceptions:

  • Chemical Engineering and Geosciences require a minimum TOEFL score of 85 on the internet-based test or 563 on the paper exam. The minimum IELTS score is 6.5