Academics - Graduate School


Individual attention and access to cutting-edge research and scholarship put TU’s Graduate School at the top of the list.

The reasons students select TU are often the reasons they decided to pursue graduate studies in the first place. Our graduate students want to…

  • Be exposed to some of the best minds in their chosen field.
  • Learn as much as they can in that field.
  • Advance in their careers.

TU is in a unique position to offer our graduate students the best features of a small college and a large, comprehensive university.

Small size and close student-faculty interaction

Our graduate students are integral, vital members of research teams and work individually with faculty members who are leaders in their fields. They also work closely with faculty members in charting the course of their graduate studies.

Flexible programs and professional opportunities

TU provides a variety of course offerings, faculty and professional advising, student services and extensive research opportunities.

At TU, graduate students acquire first-hand experience through research, internships or practica, with the opportunity to publish their findings and present their research at conferences.

Our students know what it is like to work in their field before they enter it as a professional. And in many cases, they graduate with a job offer in hand.

Our Academic Approach

Graduate education at The University of Tulsa is based upon a belief that effective graduate education takes place both on and off campus: in classrooms, laboratories, and libraries, but also through internships and practica, study abroad experiences, and attending academic conferences to present research. Our faculty engages in research as part of an active international community of scholars, ensuring their students are up-to-date on the latest ideas, information and technology from around the world.

Graduate students at TU gain a rigorous intellectual foundation in their discipline, but also the awareness and skills to investigate and solve problems in interesting and interdisciplinary ways. Graduate students work closely with faculty members, often times from several different disciplines, to address problems in engineering, sciences, business, humanities and the arts. Through this training, our graduate students are prepared to serve an ever-changing world on a global scale.