A Summer in Salem with MSM Student Emily Hammill


Emily Hammill at the House of Seven Gables.


This past summer, I was fortunate enough to be one of six individuals chosen for the Native American Fellowship (NAF) Program at the Peabody Essex Museum, located in Salem, Massachusetts. The PEM hosts Native American aspiring museum professionals and provides them valuable experience in many parts of the museum. I worked in the Exhibition Planning Department.

For two and a half months, my day consisted of attending meetings with my supervisors that involved developing new exhibits and speaking with numerous departments within the museum, ensuring they had everything they needed in order to contribute their work. I also had a couple of projects that included updating information with partner museums and creating draft schedules for projects.

Having never worked in a museum setting before, I made sure to take note of the atmosphere, the work ethic, and the staff collaborations needed in order to produce an effective exhibit. My time at PEM was extremely valuable, so much so that I am now considering being an Exhibition Planning Manager, myself. Salem is the place of the famous witch trials in colonial America, as well as being one of the important sea-faring ports for trade and whaling. In my free time, I saw as many historical sites and museums in Salem and the Boston area as I could. I am grateful for this fellowship, as it allowed me to grow within my field and as a person!


Museum Science and Management Student Emily Hammill