A Meet and Greet with Dr. Amber Clifford-Napoleone


Students Ellica Spjut, Lacey Faulkner, Skylar Edwards, Angie Williams, Emily Hammill, Emily Caselman, and Brooke Dillon with Dr. Clifford- Napoleone (third from right).


Last week, the Museum Science and Management Program had a fantastic opportunity to meet with Dr. Amber Clifford-Napoleone, Director of the McClure Archives and the University of Central Missouri Museum. Dr. Clifford-Napoleone talked about running a small-scale museum and discussed some of the exhibits she developed. Students were able to ask questions on a variety of topics, from “What has been the most difficult thing you have done working in your field?” to “What are some suggestions when applying for a job?” Dr. Clifford shared her own experiences and her thoughts on what we should look forward to as future professionals. Even telling us her own story about how she knew this was the career for her since she was a little girl.

Dr. Clifford-Napoleone has accomplished amazing feats throughout her career, by never giving up even when times get tough for her when working in a museum. She encouraged us as if we were her students and insisted we contact her, should we need help. The time spent with Dr. Clifford was both informative and pleasant!