West Mexico: Ritual and Identity exhibit catalogue

MSM professor, Dr. Robert Pickering, is pleased to announce two new books that accompany Gilcrease Museum’s upcoming exhibit, West Mexico: Ritual and Identity which opens on June 26 and runs through November 6, 2016.

The exhibition highlights the ancient cultures of west Mexico that produced the powerful and enigmatic figures for which the region is known. A section of the exhibition presents the science used to analyze and interpret these figures. Endoscopy, radiography and CT scanning, residue analysis, forensic entomology all are featured. A third section shows that contemporary and modern artists continue to be influenced by the works of ancient peoples.

Shaft Tombs and Figures in West Mexican Society: A Reassessment: This volume consists of 14 academic papers (authors from the United States, Mexico & France) that present different perspectives on the region and its well-known ceramic figures. The illustrated volume should become the standard for the state of knowledge in the field at this time. Contact the University of Oklahoma website for more information. Hardback, $59.95

West Mexico: Ritual and Identity: The exhibition catalog features photographs of every object and provides accessible and informative text sections to engage audiences and help them appreciate the importance and the beauty of the figures. Please contact the Gilcrease Museum store for more information. Paperback, $24.95 gilcrease-store@utulsa.edu