Graduate School - The University of Tulsa

Explore more than 20 master's degree programs and 13 doctoral programs. Our graduate program advisers are full-time resident faculty within their departments, so they can answer questions and help you understand where you might fit in.


Explore the process and requirements for admission to the Graduate School, and learn about the many services, programs and organizations available to TU graduate students.

One of the great things about the program is the faculty. There are professors who are willing to help you advance your career. One of my favorite professors has given me a lot of advice on research I want to do.

Asim Zaidi, Master of Science in Finance


When looking at graduate programs, you should consider how an institution’s research will shape your academic experience and professional future. Research is going on all over the TU campus and addresses everything from new petrochemical technologies to the impact of traumatic events on the human psyche.

I was interested in becoming an expert in my field and wanted an advisor who shares similar research interests and questions. Professor Ron Bonett turned out to be an ideal fit.

Ruben Tovar, Ph.D. Biological Sciences

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